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1.) noun: The title of a young adult novel by author Robert Schark.

2.) noun: An enormous Lowland Gorilla with massive muscles and a gentle heart. The main character of Schark's novel.

3.) noun: An extra large joint or Kingston Cigar.

1.) Big Fred, a YA novel, was written by Robert Schark.

2.) The main character of Big Fred is Big Fred, a Lowland gorilla taken prisoner by evil research scientists.

3.) "Joe and I are going downstairs to 'hang out with Big Fred.'"
by thespecter September 01, 2007
1.) noun: An exceptionally intelligent individual, usually well educated and well read.

From the novel Big Fred, by Robert Schark: Morris Thinkasaurus.
1.) "Being a thinkasaurus, Mark had no trouble earning two Bachelor's degrees before twenty-two years of age."

2.) Morris Thinkasaurus
by thespecter September 01, 2007
1.) noun: A pastel pink triceratops, host of the educational children's program "Morris Thinkasaurus". From the novel Big Fred, by Robert Schark.

1.) Come join our song,
it won't take long,
it's time to learn and play!
He's happy and pink,
and gives you a wink,
he's Morris Think-a-saur-us!

We'll sing and run,
and have lots of fun,
while learning to share today;
join Zerky and Russ,
and all of us,
and Morris Think-a-saur-us!
1.) In Big Fred, Tyler's eight-year-old sister loves to watch Morris Thinkasaurus during breakfast.
by thespecter September 01, 2007
1.) adjective: Racial slang describing the state of being German or having Germanic qualities. Compare Fritz.

2.) adjective: Racial slang describing a person or thing that closely adheres to German traditions, values, and ways of life.
1.) Brigitte looked Fritzy wearing her traditional dirndl.

2.) Oktoberfest is a celebration of weissbier, wienerschnitzel, lederhosen, and other Fritzy things.
by thespecter September 01, 2007
1. noun: A ball of marijuana resin mixed with stems, bits of bud, and/or shake, the end product resembling an "owl ball" (the gastric leavings of owls: digestive matter mixed with ends of rodent bones, etc).
1. "If we mix some stem ends and a little bit of shake with this ball of resin, we'll have an owl ball."
by thespecter October 05, 2007
1.) noun, slang: A nickname given to the Nazis by Allied soldiers in World War Two. Considered a racial epithet by modern standards; compare Jerry.

2.) noun: A racial epithet aimed at individuals of German or Germanic heritage.
1.) Get those machine guns ready! Fritz is going to come over the hill any minute!

2.) Get out of my store. In here we don't serve Fritz!
by thespecter September 01, 2007
1.) noun: During World War Two, a nickname given to the Nazis by Allied soldiers. From "GER-man" (Jer-man, then Jerry). Plural: JERRIES (the Germans). Considered a racial slur by modern standards. Compare Fritz.

2.) noun: An epithet attached to invididuals of German or Germanic heritage.
1.) Intelligence reports Jerry near Hurtgen Forest, General.

2.) I wanted to date Astrid Vögel, but my father, a WWII veteran, would be furious if I brought Jerry into the house.
by thespecter September 01, 2007

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