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A person who adheres to the belief that when you die your spirit floats up and gets stuck on the roof.
Because Joel was a frisbeetarian, he had no wonders about what had happened to his friend when he died, he knew for a fact that his soul was stuck on a roof.
by sddsdf May 18, 2007
The belief that when you die, your soul floats away and gets stuck on the roof. Attributed to comedian George Carlin.
George Carlin recently died and, due to his Frisbeetarian beliefs, his soul is likely stuck on a roof.
by flip dizzle July 10, 2008
A person who plays Frisbee day in, day out, every day, summer, spring, winter, and fall. Usually he/she play Ultimate, but will often engage in a simple game of catch to enhance throwing and catching abilities.
7th period lunch at Red Hook High School has the highest concentration of Frisbeetarians. They played in three feet of snow!
by jello January 19, 2006
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