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The act of heading out for a drink on a Friday night after work with friends. (FRIday driNKING). Frinks (the drinks) and Frinkers (those that head out Frinking) all stem from the root verb "To Frink". Originated amongst ex-pats in Buenos Aires in 2010 and has spread to other English language countries as travelers have passed on.
I'm heading out Frinking tonight.

Every week since 2010, Frinking has taken place in Buenos Aires on a Friday night, with a Facebook Events Group, and Meet Up Group to promote it.
#frinks #frinkers #drinks #frink #drink
by BAFrinker June 29, 2012
An autocorrect version of "drinking", but its just too funny to correct so you leave it alone.
I'm currently frinking a diet coke right now.
#drinking #autocorrect #funny #soda #mistake
by autocorrectHATESme October 24, 2011
When you go out on a boat with friends and enjoy drinks while fishing
Man, let's go frinking this weekend!
#fishing #drinking #boating #friends #water
by algoss August 10, 2015
The insertion of objects into the male urethra or Japs' Eye in a (misguided) attempt to obtain pleasure.
::(from Antiques Roadshow BBC1 Sunday 12th May 2002)::
"here we have a magnificent example of a solid silver victorian frinking set in a beautifully inlaid mahogany and brass presentation case"
by Chops May 18, 2004
A quick wink while frowning.
Stop frinking me!
#frown #wink #frink #face #silly
by I. Kant September 26, 2009
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