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a french-speaking, frilly, hillbilly, speaking french with a country accent
"Jacob is gonna be a frillbilly after he learns french and moves to Kentucky!"
by Little Yellow Sitting Man April 08, 2008
Urban metro or homosexual types who buy a second property in the countryside, usually within a two hour drive of Manhattan and preferably a half million dollar "fixer-upper."

Hudson Valley resident #1: What's with the new neighbors?

Hudson Valley resident #2: Bought the old stone barn up the road for half a million, gutted it and dropped another half mill having it re-done.

Hudson Valley resident #1: Yeah, pushed my property taxes through the roof. Shoulda' known when I saw a the $60,000 pick-up. Fuckin' Frillbillies
by Jamie H. Lewis August 11, 2007

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