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another way of asking to hold unnecessary extras in an item such as clothing or food.
Can I get a double cheesburger, no frills.
by Juice & J.M.T. March 11, 2005
a short way of saying for real.
frill bitch.
by AdamPousson April 21, 2003
Sanitized substitution for the word "Fuck" on Farscape.
Do you really give a frill about anything?
by jrkwilliams October 02, 2008
Word used when asking someone if they're telling the truth.
GIRL - "Dude! You have a huge booger hangin from the tip of your nose".
DUDE - "Frills?"
by dalycitybadgirl July 05, 2013
Frill is a short version of "for real".
Person 1: That concert sucked.
Person 2: Frill dude.
by DeepstheHobbit January 12, 2014
shorted form of for real. used in a lot of txt messages and online social websites.
Guy talking to girl online : " frill though girl, im just tryin to holla. "
by Peppern' Noplis July 23, 2011
Frill meaning: Cool, Fresh, Awesome etc
n. "That Coca-Cola party room is frill!"

v. "Have you seen this new app? It's frill!"
by SoFrill July 17, 2010