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Beware the "Friendly Stranger"... (taken from the original Reefer Madness - anti marijuana campagin)
by Beatznbleepz May 22, 2010
When a male sits on his hand long enough to lose the sensation of feeling and then masturbates. Gives the effect of receiving a hand job from another.
Hey Joe, it's hard to believe that Sarah declined my date tonight. I guess it's another night with the friendly stranger.
by McPhatty April 14, 2006
When a man sits on his arm until he can't feel it and then jerks himself off with that hand so it feels like someone else is jerking him off.
I recommend doing the "friendly stranger" when masterbaiting.
by sombooty sleep October 02, 2011
When your fucking a random Chick, or usually girlfriend in the dark, right by a window, and one of your buddys are in the house, then you tell the chick you need to leave for a second to take a piss or something, then your buddy comes in and starts fucking her then you go outside the window and wave to her.
WTF im not gonna let you Friendly Stranger my girl.
by Common92 May 30, 2008
Basically the same thing as a normal stranger only instead of giving yourself a handjob, you stick your finger(s) into your butt hole.
Johnny got bored with strangers so he turned to the friendly stranger.
by (*) March 04, 2009

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