Plural of friendling.
Jeff: Where art my friendlings?

Keziah: You has none. He-he-he.
by IAmTheSuperman January 27, 2010
Top Definition
Less than a friend, more than an acquaintance.
Well, she's not my homie, but I've had some good conversations with her. Yeah, that chick is my friendling.
by igotredshorts May 12, 2014
a friend of a friend
who you click with straight away
wow sarah she is my new best friendling
by dictionary is cool April 07, 2009
When you realize you're good friends with someone and cant just call them a friend because you care about them more than an average passerby or classmate "friend," but also can't call them a best friend - so calling them a "friendling" is the in-between
I'm so glad we're friendlings!
by Minter May 04, 2015
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