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7 definitions by IAmTheSuperman

A way to describe someone who is both an idiot and a fruit loop.
James: "Omg. That Lillian is such an idiot"

Claire: "More like a fruit loop"

James: "Both!"

Claire: "Yeah, she's an idiloop!"
by IAmTheSuperman January 16, 2010
The most awesome way of expressing that you are laughing out loud. It can also be referred to as a lollipop that makes you laugh out loud.
James: *joke*

James: Here have a lolsipop.
Claire: Lmao. That's brilliant.
by IAmTheSuperman January 16, 2010
A beautiful man.
Paige: Oh wow. He's so randagulous.

Jen: Oh so totally.

Man (Named James): Why thank you.
by IAmTheSuperman January 25, 2010
Similar to randagulous.

This is an extremely beautiful male vampire who does not sparkle.
Jen: Edward Cullen can't be randaculous as he looks like a foot and sparkles like a ballerina.

Paige: Indeed that is true.
by IAmTheSuperman January 28, 2010
Plural of friendling.
Jeff: Where art my friendlings?

Keziah: You has none. He-he-he.
by IAmTheSuperman January 27, 2010
Where you are in a relationship with someone to the extent that it seems that you are married. This only works if the two in the relationship are not engaged.
James: Hey - What do you want for dinner tonight?
Hannah: I don't know, shall we get some pizza?
Vykie: Oh, you two are so relationshippied!
by IAmTheSuperman March 01, 2010
The shortened term for oral sex
James was given much orex by Hannah.

Hannah wanted some orex.
by IAmTheSuperman January 28, 2010