Randomly adding anyone you come across on a social network, including complete strangers
Hey, Paul's on a friending spree, he's got a 1000 friends already on his facebook.
by SA1T June 18, 2011
Top Definition
When a relatively new facebook/myspace user adds a bunch of strangers as "friends" to their social networking account.
I didn't have many "friends" so I went on a Friending Spree...
by cityguychicago March 23, 2009
The act of friending many people at one time on Facebook.
Friend #1: Dude, she finally friended me. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get laid now.

Friend #2: Nah guy. She just friended me and everyone else that was at that party. Bitch is on a friending spree. Sorry.
by fratmon October 07, 2010
When you go ape scat adding all those randoms from the People you may know list on Facebook. Generally you don't actually know most of them and only add the hotties.
FFS dude, did you see those tiities on the chick I added in a Friending Spree last night?
by Farty Pants May 17, 2011
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