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An insult (meaning freak/geek) from a chav or a slag who is unable to spell simple words.
Chav: "u fkn gay friek, u bum da teechrs!"
Non-chav: "Excuse my criticism, but if you would like to insult me, could you at least spell it correctly?"
by Sally Cinnamon November 01, 2005
A pop/rock band from Vienna, Austria, who deliberately decided on the incorrect spelling to make the word sound Germanish and to make sure no one pronounces it in correct English.
See websites at and, as well as on Facebook and Myspace.
by maks75 November 08, 2009
One who is on a lower standard of speech and communication with the rest of the world.
by Stryker April 01, 2003
Noun: Some one who totally does NOT know how to type.
<@{Co}Friek-out> who is gonna gfo grpahs fog r the game
<@LadyTigah> Friek.. Here's a thought. From now on, don't come on irc till you're sober enough to type. That, or stop faking, cuz it just makes you look bad.
by Vinirotundo April 01, 2003
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