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The day after thursday and before Saturday, and Sunday comes afterward. this is Rebecca black's favorite day of the week... she loves it so much, she made a hit song about it! everybody is excited on Friday... and on Friday, you wake up, go downstairs, have cereal, get to the bus stop to catch your bus. but then , you see your friends! even though they are 13, you hop in the car with them to skip school and drive illegally to school. you have a great time because your hand is a dolphin. then your partying with your friends, and who knows where the day went, cus it's night time and you give an outdoor concert that people love. they all fistpump, and some random dude raps about you cus he's cool like that. who doesn't love friday? you can only get down on friday anyways.
it's friday, friday, gotta get down on friday.

r, b, rebecca black!

yesterday was Thursday, thursday. today it is friday, friday. weee wee wee so excited, wee so excited, we gonna have a ball today, tomorrow is saturday, and sunday comes afterward.
by baseballgirl812 April 15, 2011

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