Opening a computer program you briefly thought about but were not intending on opening in the first place.
Steve: I wanted to open Firefox, but I was thinking of that essay I wrote and accidently opened Word instead.

Bill: Wow, Freudian click man
by Bananananananakroyd May 11, 2011
Top Definition
Sending an email to someone by mistake.

A second after I hit "send", I realized that I had made a Freudian Click and emailed a love note to my ex instead of my boyfriend. So embarrassing!

by Cynyc September 24, 2008
Attractive cousin of the freudian slip. When someone subconsciously clicks a hyperlink on the internet they normally wouldn't, mostly due to that link's risque content and/or the user's pure intentions.
While searching for some hot articles on asian private healthcare, Craig made a freudian click onto a hot asian porn site.
by Ben354 October 08, 2007
To accidentally send an angry or rude e-mail that says what you really think about a person.
Dear Kelly,

You are a two faced bitch. How can you make fun of other people while living with your own pimply face and lumpy ass? Are you fucking blind??

Sarah: "ohhhh crap, I didn't actually mean to send that! Damn, another Freudian Click!"
by TheMusician June 29, 2011
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