a derogatory term for students of the freshmen class (highschool or college). a 1st time repeat freshmen is a refried fish, a 2nd is a burned fsh, and a 3rd(one who should be a senior but still retains freshman status) is a fossil.
"why's scott a sophomore? he's 20!"
"oh, scott, he's a fossil. even the fresh fish think he's dumb."
by Reiji May 21, 2007
Top Definition
A new prisoner in any prison.
Prisoner 1: "That new white boy in the shower."
Prisoner 2: "Leave him alone, man."
Prisoner 1: "Hell naw! Fresh Fish on the line!"
by Jerremy Deane November 24, 2003
virgin ass or vagina
"everyone here likes fresh fish and cocktail fruit"(as in half baked)
by Evanna Humppalott August 20, 2006
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