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2 definitions by Reiji

1)walking throught the rain when the sewers are backed up and you can't tell if you stepped on someone dog, or someones log.
2)going out in public if you haven't had a proper bath or a change of cloth's in days.
"dude! i saw dave at the mall! he was totally sludgeing and he was flirting with the hot tpic girl!"

"gross. he smell's like wet monkey butt most of the time, already. he's gonna be lonely tonight."
by Reiji May 21, 2007
a derogatory term for students of the freshmen class (highschool or college). a 1st time repeat freshmen is a refried fish, a 2nd is a burned fsh, and a 3rd(one who should be a senior but still retains freshman status) is a fossil.
"why's scott a sophomore? he's 20!"
"oh, scott, he's a fossil. even the fresh fish think he's dumb."
by Reiji May 21, 2007