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A European based womens clothing brand that is exorbitantly over-priced but justified in being so as its clothing is durable, fashionable and looks like you bought it at a boutique when on vacation/holiday in Italy.
Victoria: So I heard that there's a French Connection shop at the Galleria!

Zenobia: No way! That's great because I've been looking to spend my hard-earned money on quality clothing that will not fall to pieces in a few months like the crap I bought from Forever 21, H&M and Zara.

Victoria: Psssh whatever, I have my Daddy's credit card.
by notgnna2 October 30, 2012
A sexual position involving three people, combining oral and vaginal (or anal) intercourse. This is a subset of a menage-a-trois, and specifically refers to positions during which all of the sexual action is centered on one individual.

A classic French Connection is defined as a man sitting with a woman on his lap facing away from him, while a second woman performs oral sex on the woman receiving intercourse from the man.
John and Lisa gave their friend Samantha the French Connection.
by Peter Godly November 05, 2005
1 oz cognac
1 oz Grand Marnier® orange liqueur

Combine ingredients into a snifter and serve neat, or add a small amount of ice if desired.
Barkeep, I'll have a French Connection made with Courvoisier please. Thank you VERY much!!!
by Drink Then Think February 07, 2008