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Extra amazingly cool acidic green that comes in highlighter colors. Also a word used instead of 'Green', which many believe has become outdated.
This word is beyond examples lol. Freen is thee shizz.
by Jolene16 April 02, 2007
Irish word means "friendly".
Freen Been means "friendly laughter".
by Heather Manning January 14, 2008
"Friend" used in Arfenhouse.
Pincushun man: I'll sick mah freen amee on you!
by Bob March 08, 2005
Freen: Meaning Friend.

A local term found in Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

Also a Name of a band from that same area in Scotland.

Freen: is a ten piece Dub reggae and Cumbia/Chic Cha Band.
Howdy Freen!

Who goes there Freen or Foe?

What you saying Freen?
by Freen Scotland September 18, 2011
Freen is a combination of the words FRIED and GREEN.
Mom made Freen Tomatoes for dinner.
by KoRiN November 25, 2004
Someone who gets pleasure from sniffing girls' bicycle seats on a hot day.
I caught that freen sniffing my sister's Huffy last summer.
by Phil Strattlecock April 06, 2004