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A small, but growing intellectual collective promoting rational and humanist values. The focus of which is aimed at achievement, 'human capability' and advancement through the arts, sciences and any recognised area of study or expertise. The collective is apolitical and non radical by nature; the emphasis based on free thought.

Though the establishment of the movement remains vague, it's recent media attention has peaked interest on an international and national scale. Though some claim that it is yet another intellectual cult 'spin off', it is widely regarded as legitimate. There have been meetings of freeist members documented, known as a "summons", at various locations across the country publically and privately.
Freeism represents intellectuals of free thought.
by sophbud41 May 21, 2006
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Freeism is a belief system founded in (2007) by James P. Higginson

Freeism- A belief system that denounces all religions, religious artifacts and books as being man made. Freeism is the belief that their may or may not be a divine presence(s) in the universe, and that if their is such a presence it does not interfere with mankind or ask anything of him/her.Freeist who fallow Freeism do not believe in Heaven or Hell.Freeist may believe or may not believe in a afterlife.Freeist are allowed to have their own personal belief on a afterlife as long as it fallows the concept that proof of a afterlife is still unknown.

A person who believes in Freeism is called a Freeist

"Freeism" its ok to say "I dont know"
by he who enlightens December 08, 2008
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