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Somebody who abstains from contributing to the economy and salvages society's wasted food and resources rather than purchase more themselves. Often pertains to a VEGAN (somebody who doesn't eat/wear animal products) who only makes exceptions when dealing with otherwise wasted items.
Tom taught me that as a freegan, he would much rather grab bagels out of the dumpster of a bakery instead of purchasing them himself, because he thinks it's a shame how much perfectly good bread places like that waste everyday.
by two-forty June 14, 2002
A Freegan is a person who, in reaction to the statistic that the west wastes 25% of all it's resources, get items from the trash that are perfectly good. It is often smelly, but hundreds of items can be found, perfectly fine, that otherwise would be wasted. Is often linked with environmentalism and activism. Often have regular jobs, but just eat out of trash.
Man, I met this guy and he was a Freegan. He was also an executive at this company. Serious, he was so loaded 'cause he doesn't buy food.
by bittg November 05, 2007
Someone that consumes a vegan diet except when animal-based food will be wasted if not consumed. Freegans often consume all types of food from dumpster diving as a means to alleviate waste and decrease their personal environmental impact and solar footprint.
Meuser is freegan - though he eats vegan at home, I've seen him eat whole ramekins of butter and mayonnaise that would otherwise be wasted after we've finished eating at Denver diner.
by Meuser December 16, 2008
Freegans: Stealing resources from homeless guys who actually need it since whenever the fuck they graduated from NYU.
Eric's parents were horrified when they learned that their prep school graduate son had become a freegan.
by cccarrie December 07, 2010
A person who scrounges rubbish for food. While it sounds repulsive, some high quality food items can be found in the trashbin.
The freegan made a tasty meal out of the trash of a wasteful man who threw out all of his gourmet ingredient, and didn't have to spend a cent.
by sega31098 August 29, 2013
When you are too cheap to buy meat at the grocery store, so you only eat it at other people's houses or barbeques.
Carly: Do you want a veggie burger, Mike?
Mike: Oh sweet, you have meat--give me a cheeseburger.
Carly: Oh, okay. I thought you were a vegan.
Mike: No, I'm a freegan.
by klcbix November 24, 2008
A class of people who strive to be vegan, but will frequently eat meat and use animal products.

Freegans like to think that they are ohhh so close to attaining that pure vegan status, but they can never quite make it, because they love meat and are not willing to give up their normal life style.
Freegans are considered phonies by both vegan and non-vegan alike, though non-vegans will often show an attitude of understanding, whereas vegans will look upon them with scorn.
Isabel: I'll have spaghetti with meatballs please.

Owen: Isabel - I thought you were a vegan??!

Isabel: I am!

Owen: It seems to me you are a freegan.
by ishamor June 16, 2009
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