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When laying down, commonly known as 'posting up' and allowing the blood to flow freely from the vagina. One may also utilize a 'free bleeding blanket' preferably of darker coloring to wrap one's body up much like a burrito. Freeing of the blood also entails putting tissue paper or various paper items up there..anything other than a tampon.
"Give me my free bleeding blanket"
"I just free bled all over you"
"Is that free blood on my face"
by partycr3w February 08, 2013
Free Bleeding is an unsettling feminist trend in which women on their periods refuse to use tampons and other feminine hygiene products and instead let blood flow freely from their uterus and down their legs. The logic behind this is that tampons are a male-created product that promotes patriarchy by tricking women into raping themselves.
My aunt decided to try free bleeding. I now refuse to sit on any of her furniture.
by Origamidragons December 10, 2015
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