An ugly ugly man who pretends he can get ass. A loser.
by NOYB June 02, 2003
Rhyming Slang - A bratwurst sausage.
I am so hungry right now, I feel like eating some Fred Durst.
by Mark H July 08, 2004

You hid on your bus

You were afraid of us

You wouldn't fight me because you're gay

You had your roadies save you today

Fred Durst is a faggot - you're fucking gay

Fred Durst is a faggot - you're a fucking faggot

Fred Durst is a faggot - your breath smells like cum

Fred Durst is a faggot - you like dicks up your ass

You're a fucking midget so you can blow guys without kneeling

You wear a stupid cap to cover up your baldness

You think you're black but you're just gay

You and Wes Borland met at a gay bar and wanted to start a band

Wes left Limp Bizkit because you suck

You discovered Puddle of Mudd and Staind and they suck too
I'll fight you anytime you fag

But you'll have your roadies fight for you

If you're so fucking tough, why won't you fight me by yourself???

by TheEye5000 March 14, 2005

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