Top Definition
To fap until you are raw.
"Na dude, I can't go to that party. I haven't fapped in so long. I'm totally gonna fraw tonight."
by fraseyboy April 28, 2009
The mixture or Freaking and Awesome.

Can also be mixed with other words: Frawliem (Fraw LIke EMma)
Blue is fraw! I love it!
by Emma Walsh October 28, 2008
1. fresh and raw combined to make one amazing word.
2. to describe something great.
1. dude, yesterday was fraw.
2. bro, that shirt is fraw.
by modern day mossiah November 26, 2009
a fiery anger, usually against another person. an emotion.
I am very FRAW that Vinny has convinced Jeff to smoke pot.
by Zela May 11, 2006

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