A conjuration of fruit and rape. It involves shoving fruit into orifices that fruit have no right being in.
"He fraped her when he stuck that banana in that hole.'
#rape #eating #fruit #freupe #fripe
by Banana-tan August 03, 2012
A combination of the words "finger" and "rape". The act of raping someone's finger. Frape occurs when a person wraps their hand around another, unconsenting person's finger; preferably the index finger. The frapist then proceeds to move their hand up and down in a masturbation-esque manner until the frapegasm is reached, in which the victim of said frape, who has no clue what the fuck is going on, quickly pulls their finger out of the fist of the frapist. Frape is often followed by an uncomfortable exchange of words in which the frape victim attempts to figure out what the fuck just happened. The frapist is then usually shunned for the following 3-6 hours.
Elliot: Michael, what the fuck was that?

Michael: C'mon bitch, when you licked that barbeque sauce off your fingers, you were just begging to be fraped.
#finger #rape #frape #penor #elliot #michael #brooks #matt #sammy #robby
by The One Penor July 13, 2010
to rape someone with any different type of fruit, usually bigger ones like cantaloupes and watermelons.
dude, i fraped her so hard last night she started bleeding watermelon juice!
#fruit #rape #watermelon #sex #funny
by the fraper March 10, 2010
Fruit-rape, the act of forceful penetration of a fruit based object. These can include pumpkins and melons.
Today a man was caught frape ing a pumpkin by a police officer. When questioned he merely exclaimed 'Is it gone midnight already?'
#fruit #rape #fruitfucker #juice #juicy
by KeNickety February 18, 2009
(V) the act of fake rape on a man

(n) the willingness to be raped by another man. Including acts of futile resistance. Also known as a fake rape
" Oh, no please please do not frape me" (while rapee turns around and exposes his rectum.)
#fraped #frapeing #rape #anal sex #homosexual tendancencies
by b g January 01, 2006
The act of raping somebody's face with your tongue/mouth, usually against the victim's will. Abbreviation of face rape.
you've been fraped!

I totally got fraped by some minger last night
#frape #face #rape #kiss. tongue #mouth
by zerostar88 October 25, 2007
rape via the entrance of the mouth. Sitting on top of the girls face, the penis is inserted deep and hard into the girls mouth until she gags, if you are lucky she will be able to deepthroat
"mate, i performed the act of frape and that girl i pulled last night, she loved it!"
#mouth #sex #rape #face #deepthroat
by ollielumley March 17, 2007
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