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when someone edits your facebook without your permission. this commonly means changing your interests to bumming etc
i dont really like bumming i just left the room with my facebook on and got fraped
by frapist November 10, 2008
To be raped.. on facebook.. in the past tense
"dude do you really have crabs? your status said so"

"hell no! i was fraped"
by ellie_belly08 December 07, 2008
when someone edits your facebook in a negative way without your permission. such as changing information and sending random messages to people
did ye see robs facebook page, he got fraped, he went from rob to ruby the tranny
by rubyrob May 21, 2010
A combination of the two words "Facebook" and "Raped", it is basically when you have accidentally left your facebook logged in with your friends about. They take the opportunity to write something either insulting or embarrasing on your wall, thus meaning you have been "fraped".
I accidentally left my Facebook signed in today, and my mate Jeff fraped me !
by TwitchyBill1994 December 14, 2010
When someone goes into your facebook account and posts an unkind, contentous or controversial status message. Fraped is a shortened version of 'facebook raped'. An example of this would be 'John is currently deciding whether to wear his pink or blue dress to his transexual party this evening.'
I have just been fraped, please ignore my previous status, cheers.
by Stimpy 2010 December 20, 2010
When some one hacks your facebook page and changes all of your personal information.
Its not really my birthday today. I was fraped.
by bpup December 01, 2010
"Facebook Raped"
When someone gets a threat or serious/deep insult over Facebook.
1: Aw dude you just got fraped.
2: I know.
by John G. Hermione April 18, 2011
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