Outer beachside suburb South of Melbourne, near the Mornington Peninsula, originally known as a lower socioeconomic area with a high crime rate, but has recently gone up in value and is now quite a respectable area.

Colloquially referred to as Franky or Franga.
Was in Frankston the other day, that place has changed a lot.
by Jani K September 29, 2005
Top Definition
A city south of Melbourne, at the end of the train line, hot spot for drugs and crime. Though going there you risk getting stabbed or attacked by potheads, it's a great place to be. Ahhh, Bayside.... what would our social lives be without it? Affectionately refered to as Franga, Frangtown, Franghole, Franganistan, Frankston, etc.
"Hey, lets catch up. Where should we go?"
"Cool, meet you in Frankston."
by Franga Fan. December 19, 2006
City in the state if Victoria, Australia. Has a bad reputation but is a very nice place to live. Bayside shopping centres excellent. If it wasn't for the north part of frankston would be a very nice place to live.
I would love to live in frankston
by Yomamy763 August 01, 2012
Every comedian's favourite suburb to put-down.
Julian: What about you love where are you from. Wait, let me guess, Frankston?

Chas: I had to do a gig in Adelaide the other day. Man it's like Frankston with churches!
by UndisputedElite January 16, 2013
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