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Franking: The act of slapping someone/thing in the facial area with a hot dog/package of hot dogs.

Franking is often associated with hulking.

Kristyn: "Dude! I got franked in the mouth today!"
Courtney: "Wow, what a little douchecopter..."

James:"Wanna go franking tonight at Food Lion?"
Steven:"May we go hulking as well?"
James:"Does the Pope like little boys?"
Steven: "Yeah"
by Courtnifer the Spaznifigent February 18, 2012
To complain like Frank; To whine endlessly about something for no reason; To be a bitch
Frank was totally franking, why is he such a bitch?

I wish Frank would stop franking about his shoulder.

Frank totally was franking at the basketball game.
by frankingitup April 19, 2011
franking is when you massage your own prostate while fapping upside down
flapping and frapping weren't doing it for aardvark, so he decided franking was a better idea.
by aristes August 22, 2010
(verb) the act of sleeping with or hitting on a member of the opposite sex when there is a large age difference.
Man, were you out franking this weekend? That girl had to be like half your age.
by Art C. Toothis September 23, 2007
To be unruly or audacious, letting loose a whirlwind of destruction that, in the end, always destroys something of Dave's.

While vikings do it on purpose, when frank is franking it; its totally unintentional.
by DarthMethodist January 13, 2007
to frank - (verb) - When an idividual successfully ejaculates a male, using one's hands.
"OMG! Pinky totally franked Germany last night!"

Germany - "Ah man, It felt gooood."
by ChampyDancy106 November 28, 2004
A sexual action. It involves three men giving a woman a dirty snachez, a spiderman, and abe lincoln. JSA forever!!!!!!!!
Dude I franked your mom last night with Hot Sauce and Damien.
by Martin August 28, 2004