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(In reference to Anne Frank) When one avoids returning correspondence ostensibly hiding from the world ; especially via mobile devices such as texting or emails
"Have you heard from Dave? I've been calling him all day. He's probably franking"
by Rhazoray Khartoum December 22, 2009
5 16
A sexual action. It involves three men giving a woman a dirty snachez, a spiderman, and abe lincoln. JSA forever!!!!!!!!
Dude I franked your mom last night with Hot Sauce and Damien.
by Martin August 28, 2004
4 15
V. To get with a girl after shes been drinking

To frank; franked; franker
I think I'm gonna go out franking tonight.

That bitch just got franked.

"Dude do you wanna frank some girls with me?"
by Franker69 January 14, 2010
7 19
What I do to your mom an a daily basis
Dude you know that I frank your mom like everyday right?
by Stephan Baldwin September 28, 2004
8 20