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To say something seemingly wise in the heat of passion, but when thought over after the fact, the saying makes absolutely no sense what. so. ever.
Davism: Will you guys shut up, I'm trying to use the environment to my angle!

Davism: I didn't read the book, I read it with my eyes, as in, the movie.

Davism: I have allll the infinite ammo in the world!

Davism: *show man boobs in voracious excitement/angst/anger*

Davism: Phillipinos didn't exist until last year. After all, all they are are just Puerto Ricans mixed with Chinese people. They're hybrids, created by the commies, 'cause they can assimilate to any culture!!

Davism: If I know it, that means that you know it too, because everyone knows what I know because I'm the one knowing it.
by DarthMethodist January 13, 2007
To be unruly or audacious, letting loose a whirlwind of destruction that, in the end, always destroys something of Dave's.

While vikings do it on purpose, when frank is franking it; its totally unintentional.
by DarthMethodist January 13, 2007

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