Franking: The act of slapping someone/thing in the facial area with a hot dog/package of hot dogs.

Franking is often associated with hulking.

Kristyn: "Dude! I got franked in the mouth today!"
Courtney: "Wow, what a little douchecopter..."

James:"Wanna go franking tonight at Food Lion?"
Steven:"May we go hulking as well?"
James:"Does the Pope like little boys?"
Steven: "Yeah"
by Courtnifer the Spaznifigent February 18, 2012
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-To "like" every or many actions preformed on one's Facebook.

-To go down someone's Facebook page and like everything.
The girl just wanted to piss me off, so she franked my Facebook page. She was franking it all night and I got like 30 notifications!
by Frank Triscinocias May 16, 2010

1) To frank; to compare one's dick size to another's without limit or concern apart from than the temporary, later empty, self-satisfaction one receives from feeling like the best at any given subject, even if just for a moment.

2) To frank; to be ominously present, using overbearing phone calls/text messages or an uncomfortably close proximity to satiate one's lustful or lecherous intentions.
1) Guy 1: Dude, my new car gets 40 miles per gallon!

Guy 2: Oh yeah? Well mine gets 42 miles per gallon AND it can make me a sammich.

^(Dicks have just been measured, Guy 1 has just been franked).

2) Girl 1: All I did was tell him he was a really nice guy and a good friend. Now he calls and texts me every night...

Girl 2: Can't he take a hint?

Girl 1: No! Wait, are those binoculars sticking out of my hedges?

Girl 2:He's totally franking!
by Frostythesnowman1 August 20, 2011
The art of Performing a sexual act discreetly in public locations
"she got a good franking in the cinema"
by GABFTRL September 24, 2009
1) verb: the act of being entirely unreasonable when it comes to trading in fantasy baseball. I.E. Offering Sam Fluid in every trade, asking multiple opinions or arguing every time some one gives you one. (note: not limited to people named frank even though franks are usually the best at franking)
2) verb: the act of not getting along with people named Neil.
1) Neil, why is that guy franking on you.
2) Sam Fluid for Nelson Cruz, you got to be franking me!
by Fbballer12 January 07, 2012
Lying to someone, not telling the truth. Trying to make oneself look better by lying to others.
Yo, stop franking me bro!
Why you franking me?
by Berardi November 28, 2013
A creepy stare. Typically exerted by an overly helpful neighbor that likely wants to bang you. Think peeping tom'ish.
I was doing the dishes in my bathrobe when I look out my window and see this dude totally franking me.
by unscathed_baby_chick October 01, 2013
To rearrange the first letters in a two or three word phrase. If the first two letters of either word create a distinct sound such as ch, sh or th, feel free to move the first 2 letters.
Examples of franking: parking shuttle becomes sharking puttle. Dirty poodle becomes pirty doodle. Chad Allen Meyers become Mad Allen Cheyers.
by thepolkm April 13, 2013

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