Title of Mary Shelley's famous novel - she who was daughter of revolutionary.
Frank - Truth
Stein - Beer
Title: Truth & Beer (Frankenstein)
Let's go down to the pub and talk
insert as appropriate

by millerthegorilla January 24, 2009
An invention, creation, or idea which quickly spins out of control and becomes a disaster.
That new computer program turned into a real Frankenstein.
by geinman June 13, 2013
Frankenstein is a term synonymous with a really intense masturbation session in which you tense up while stroking it, protrude your bottom lip to create an underbite, while rolling your eyes in the back of your head (your ohh face), looking like Frankenstein.
" Did you do anything cool last night?" "I kept it mellow, I went to the gym, Frankensteined, and went to bed."

"Did you pull any ladies this weekend?" "Nah, I struck out. I hung out with Frankenstein."
by Jono85 March 15, 2013
anything that uses multiple parts, contents, or persons' possessions to create one ultimate, or unpleasant, concoction.
1. A beer cup with multiple beer brands."EEWWW...damn, that cup was a frankenstein."
2. a blunt/joint/bowl/ created from a mixture of multiple persons' stash. "Y'all wanna pitch some herb and roll up a frankenstein." or "Y'all wanna roll up a frankenstein."
by boutitboy January 17, 2010
When 2 guys shove their erect penises into a girl's ears, causing her to look like Frankenstein's monster from Mary Shelley's classic novel.
Billy and Corey totally Frankenstein'd Collette last night; it was awesome.
by FrankensteinsMonster June 07, 2011
A slang term directed at someone wearing humongous platform shoes or wedges. References the large shoes the Frankenstein character is typically seen wearing in movies and other media. Often, this slang is directed specifically at Goths who wear gigantic stacks.
"Take off those fucked up stacks, Man. You look like a damn Frankenstein."
by VeNaCE November 09, 2006
Leaving marks (aka hickeys) on both sides of someone's neck using a biting and sucking method resulting in a frankenstein-like appearence.
1)My girlfriend woke up with a "frankenstein" this morning.
by Stormcat May 17, 2006
Some dead jewish guy named frank with bolts in his head.
Frankenstein: You call these bagels?!
by Zack Mellinger October 22, 2008

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