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Is similar in many ways to the butterface but this version requires that the females face must look like it was assembled from various parts. The overall effect is one of true repulsion and should never make up for the smoking body effect. Sometimes when the Frankenface enters the room Alice Cooper appears and screams, "Feed My Frankenstein!!".
"Damn that bitch has a Frankenface."

"Man I can't believe he hit that shit it looked like she had five different faces pieced together like a Frankenface."

"That Frankenface made me puke."
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The face of pain from a Mixed Martial Arts beat-down (refering to the cuts, black eyes, bruises, and injuries sustained by being repeatidly punched or kicked in the face)
Did you see that beat-down Tito layed on that Shamrock in the UFC fight? Shamrock had a major frankenface after that ass whooping!
by Doctor Paul October 03, 2007
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