Another name for a Condom.
"He removed his franger and immediately Donkey Punched the bitch"
Also see:
Donkey Punch
by Xaypock March 24, 2003
Top Definition
1) a controceptive device (condom)
you are the biggest franger!
by neon2000 November 11, 2003
Another name for the hell hole known as Frankston about 40mins drive from the city of Melbourne, Australia.
Known best for its boganisation, speed freaks, Holden commodores, murders that lurk at train stations, serial rapists and lovely beaches
Jason - Hey Nathan ill be back in a few hours im just gonna drop by a mates house in Stony Point.

Nathan - You goin through Franger?

Jason - Uh..yea..

Nathan - Don't forget the body armor

Jason - Done and Done
by Slan-06 February 25, 2006
Frangers, is a slang word for condoms from Australian lingo.
Davo: "I need some frangers for this weekend."
by aussiepps August 05, 2008
Friends who are - as a matter of fact - strangers. As it often happens on Facebook, for example.
Do a few Likes from your frangers make you happy? Then, please yourself.
by Narcissistic Notes Fb page July 20, 2014
Portmanteau of "friend" and "stranger" (pronounced like "stranger" but without the "st" and with an "f"), a franger is an individual whom you don't know yet for some stupid reason have listed, somewhere, as a friend, typically on a social networking site.
I dropped two hundred frangers from my friends list last night. I can't believe I let it get so out of control. Effing *insert social networking site of choice*!
by hilarious von qtpi August 29, 2009
You know these people, but you really don't. They are the quintessential "friends of friends" and you know they go by "RuRu," "Big B," or "Jersey Mike." You see these cats every Thursday for Ladies Night and you're even friends on Facebook. Alas, you know nothing else.

Did you know that RuRu's name is actually Rochelle? Did you know that Big B is a washed out cage fighter and he hit the bottle hard...probably because his real name is Belvin (shudder). Yeah, and Jersey Mike? Everybody knows he's not from New Jersey. Whatever.
Your friend: Dude, what did you do last night?
You: Went to Howl at the Moon with Jody and some frangers.
by R.Rhys January 01, 2010
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