Country of the 'ands-zin-zuh-haire people. (See statue of liberty)

The zenith of exquis fanaticism and arrogance (believers of French fine art crap should watch an hour of French national T.V.).

Since non-white people (immigrants) find no jobs, they become part-time athletes. From this pool, France finds very competitive representatives and does well in World Cups/Olympics. This representation of France provides an illusion of "fraternité". This brings and creates more deceived immigrants (->) leading to riots.

France is actively involved in spreading the "Francophonie" to developing countries. Few smell the churning evil.

Good things about France: education is free; people are always open to debate before consented rape; many Americans love the beauty (draped hypocrisy) of France which is always a good thing; even a short guy like Napoleon can pick up hundreds of chicks there; Celine Dion's wailing sounds better in French (yes, it was English); if there's a nice chick in a French film (and there usually is), she'll be nude by the end and you'll see a black guy saying her p**@ tastes like milk or some weirder stuff which in general is so artsy that you'd finding yourself bending over a la Francaise if you could fathom its depth.
France has enough bitches to buffer even the greatest of invaders.

"Mains, jupes et jambes en l'air" is in the heart of each and every French.
by Yangus February 08, 2006
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France is a country that fought side by side with Americans on American soil during the American war of independence. Also, the counrty that built and gave as a gift the greatest symbol of America, the Statue of Liberty.
by Grislock May 09, 2003
A country where people work 35 hour weeks and have two months paid leave a year.

Is the world's 4th largest economy.

Is a country with strong cultural and traditional values.

Is a county with arguably the best food and drink in the world.


A country with second-to-none public systems - TGV (train), education, healthcare.

A country that smokes and drinks more wine than Britain and America and has a fraction of the heart disease and obesity rate.

A country full of charming, well-dressed people who do respond well when not approached by tactless English-speaking philistines.

A country full of beautiful architecture and art.
At least visit the place!
Don't knock it until you've tried it. I have been there two times, and my brother now has lived there for over a year. All the negative stereotypes are untrue, the people there are clean and friendly. And the positive stereotypes are true, they have a great culture, wine, food, etc. You can't say that France is a bad country unless you have firsthand experience. So to all of you rednecks, please, sell your trailer and visit this beautiful country so you can realize that you're just jealous of the French, you don't hate them.
Redneck- France is full of a bunch of smelly assholes!!!

Me- How would you know? You live in a trailer and watch CMT all day... get a life.
by Sean Garvey June 09, 2005
A country whose soldiers marched row by row into German machine gun fire in the beginning of World War 1. 500, 000 French soldiers died this way in The Great War. This is the same country that is ridiculed today for having a 'cowardly' military history.
God bless the French.
by Russell Prazak January 14, 2005
Sexy, pretty, and often mischevious. Appears demure to those who don't know her well, Frances enjoys being naughty and makes those near to her want to kiss and lick every inch of her soft smooth skin. Funny and beautiful, many would never guess that she has a mouth like a trucker, and deviant sexual desires.
"Frances makes me want to tear off her clothes so that i can take here right here on my desk"
by cchuck February 03, 2010
Very beautiful and nice country with a rich culture. I went to France and the stereotypes are untrue. The French are friendly and clean. Most are very chic and chill. A lot of ignorant Americans forget that the French gave us the of America: the Statue of Liberty (D'oh!). It's also a country that gave us troops in the revolution. Most French haters are also Bush supporters who haven't even been to France (most likely because they can't afford it)... why bash what you don't know?
Person 1: I hate France. It's full of smelly ugly pussys. F'ing traitors!

Person 2: You've never even been to France. How would you know? Why don't you step outside your trailer for some fresh air? Also, put down the Toby Keith CD!
by Marissa66 August 06, 2005
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