-1st touristic destination in the world
-2nd EEZ in the world (Exclusive Economic Zone)
-1st country in the world for Foreign Direct Investments received
-2nd most productive country in the OECD behind Belgium
-most energy independant western country
-2nd largest population growth in the European Union behind Ireland, will become the most populated european country in 2050 (Russia excepted)
-1st destination for asylum-seekers (America is now second because of post 9-11 restrictions)
-2nd in the world for exporting movies
-3rd in the world for exporting conventional arms
-4th nuclear power of the world behind the US, Russia and China
-French locutors in the world grow faster than English locutors
-Universal and General Electric are held by french companies
-Davy Crockett was french, FDR had french descent
-Frenchmen eat, drink and smoke more than Americans and are in better shape and health
-1st country in the world for the frequency of sexual relations
-the French don't need to be clean and polite because they are already hot and smart
France rocks. No country in the world has succesfully arrived to such an equilibrium of modernity and tradition, activity and leisure, distinctiveness and immorality, neither does any country have such a variety of climates, landscapes and architecture, a richness of culture in such a small place
From badass Pigalle to quiet pastoral Corsica, fRaNcE rUlEs oVeR dA wOrLd
by Melon et Meleche September 13, 2005
a good country with awesome landmarks and pastries
all stereotypes are false, I've been there. for some reason many people here in America harbor ridiculous prejudice against them.
kid who has never left his state:FUCKING FRENCH I HATE THEM!
kid who has never left his state:CAUSE EVERYONE ELSE DOES!
me:Ok see where that logic gets you.
kid who has never left his state:EVIL FRENCH AH HA HA HA
me: go to France then judge it.
me:k retard
by kirbyman1 March 24, 2008
Western European nation, with a rich culture and history. Member of NATO, the EU, and G8. Has a GDP/capita of about 30,000 euros. Famous for its wines, cheese, women, xenophobes, Eiffel Tower and Napoleon. Had tense relations with Germany and Britain in the past, and is presently despised by many Americans. Ironically, France provided major assistance for the USA during the Revolutionary War, and also gave them the Statue of Liberty, one of America's most well-known symbols.
Before pointing out that the French are cowards who surrender quickly, consider what France did during the Hundred Years War, the Napoleonic Wars, or WWI. Still, that DeGaulle guy was a douche.
by captainfugu June 17, 2007
1. A country in western Europe, leading the political opposition to psycho-Bush and his coalition of supporters who are hated by their people.
2. Subject of a mathematical equation that measures intelligence:
France > America.
3. See smart.
by Not Proud to be an American March 21, 2003
US Generals commanding the NATO forces in Afghanistan have said that the French troops under their command are some of the best soldiers they have ever seen.
France is an important ally of the US that is helping with the war on terror. They didn't support the war on Iraq because it had nothing to do with the war on terror.
by juan gomez May 10, 2005
A wonderful girl; playful at heart; loves to be affectionate and lives to be loved, although rarely appreciated until it is too late. Not very thick skinned; emotional and wears her heart on her sleeve. However, as hard as nails when this link is broken and once link is broken it is never recaptured. Easily hurt, often by others taking her for granted. A truly precious soul. Fun to be with; a hot lover who will keep her man happy and fired up when she is not with him. Frequently, she will be a stunner who turns heads but doesn't know the power she has. This one's a keeper!
Hey man, how was your weekend?
It was good but it would have been better if I'd seen Frances!
by boyfriendmaterial February 07, 2010
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