a border or case surrounding an object. eg. a photo or mirror. usually made of wood or other rigid objects as in a photo frame but sometimes just a defining line around something to enhance its neatness and effect.
"I'm definately going to frame that picture of your testicles."
by meooow August 30, 2007
To accuse someone of something with evidence.
Katie Winstein, "He framed me ! I did not kill that rat ! He framed me by pointing all the evidence toward me to make it seem like I did it!"
by Katie&Katie! August 30, 2009
A substitude for the following words: Fuck Shit and God.
What the frame?!?! It smells like frame. What in the name of the great Frame!?!?
by Ibster1. April 11, 2012
squirting one's seminal fluid in a square pattern around an object, thus framing it and giving it value
Jessica:"he totally gave me a hickey on my neck!"
Ed:"did he frame it?"
Jessica: "all over the place"
by COSMAUTON November 04, 2004
A part of a aggressive rollerblade wich holds the weels and contains an H-Block
yo my shitty xsjado frame cracked!
by Alex Broskow May 16, 2005
asking what the prices on a product (drugs) that you plan on buying
whats The Frame on the herb you got
by Alex Nas & Jobba The Wop July 15, 2003
A man (but sometimes a woman) with a huge shoulder length. Usually really noticeable and draws big attention.
Yo, look at that guy with the Big Frame, I bet that guy won't let anyone in they playground.
by TySoN BuCK August 01, 2007
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