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To accuse someone of something with evidence.
Katie Winstein, "He framed me ! I did not kill that rat ! He framed me by pointing all the evidence toward me to make it seem like I did it!"
by Katie&Katie! August 30, 2009
4 5
Hits of LSD.
You boys down to eat some frames on Friday? I know I am. I'm trying to trip face.
by Cornelius Cumberbund August 10, 2009
3 5
A substitude for the following words: Fuck Shit and God.
What the frame?!?! It smells like frame. What in the name of the great Frame!?!?
by Ibster1. April 11, 2012
1 4
squirting one's seminal fluid in a square pattern around an object, thus framing it and giving it value
Jessica:"he totally gave me a hickey on my neck!"
Ed:"did he frame it?"
Jessica: "all over the place"
by COSMAUTON November 04, 2004
27 31
A part of a aggressive rollerblade wich holds the weels and contains an H-Block
yo my shitty xsjado frame cracked!
by Alex Broskow May 16, 2005
10 15
asking what the prices on a product (drugs) that you plan on buying
whats The Frame on the herb you got
by Alex Nas & Jobba The Wop July 15, 2003
1 9
A man (but sometimes a woman) with a huge shoulder length. Usually really noticeable and draws big attention.
Yo, look at that guy with the Big Frame, I bet that guy won't let anyone in they playground.
by TySoN BuCK August 01, 2007
1 14