used in games to refer to cannon fodder while in cave areas
"fraggles to the cave"
by Rohen September 25, 2006
A little wannabe kid who still thinks emo is cool and wears nothing but famous or atticus clothing or MCR or Fall out boy t-shirts usually around the age of 14 however ages range from 12 all the way up to 18 fraggles basically are try hards.
"FRAGGLES!" " Did you see that kid with the dia dora back pack , what a fraggle"
by JoshTrash September 24, 2007
one (usualy a male) who wears specific cloths from Hot Topic. not a goth, punk, scater, emo kid, lounge lizard, or metrosexual. a Fraggle usualy weares black t-shirts displaying messages and frases containing antisocial comments and/or referances to cheese, llamas, or napolion dinomite. a fraggle will often weare a black baseball cap, baggy bondage pants, and will sometimes change scenes. fraggles will probably end up to be bikers, or work in an office for the rest of their lives.
"only fraggles like system of a down" said shlomo

hot topic clerk: oh, we dont have any "i like cheese" shirts in stock, the fraggles took them all.
by warriorpoet499 July 17, 2005
Slang for an individual with fragile x syndrome.
My fraggle will sometimes flap his hands in excitement.
His sister is a fraggle but she is a better reader than I am.
by FraggleMom July 20, 2010
A fraggle is someone that likes to do crazy dance moves but also loves playing video games after a good toke.
Man that dude has some moves, he's just like fraggle
by urbanDictionaryModerator July 10, 2008
A member of the Bosnian community, usually a horse whisperer, who acts as if the are invisible and tries to sell pensioners second hand onions
Don't make eye contact, that bloke is a fraggle, just look at him and those dodgy vegetables
by Fubby_Gibgib June 05, 2006
A staggering, drunk Franchman.
Did you see that Fraggle Pierre last night? He could barely walk from all the wine.
by Dan A. February 12, 2005

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