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1 definition by warriorpoet499

one (usualy a male) who wears specific cloths from Hot Topic. not a goth, punk, scater, emo kid, lounge lizard, or metrosexual. a Fraggle usualy weares black t-shirts displaying messages and frases containing antisocial comments and/or referances to cheese, llamas, or napolion dinomite. a fraggle will often weare a black baseball cap, baggy bondage pants, and will sometimes change scenes. fraggles will probably end up to be bikers, or work in an office for the rest of their lives.
"only fraggles like system of a down" said shlomo

hot topic clerk: oh, we dont have any "i like cheese" shirts in stock, the fraggles took them all.
by warriorpoet499 July 17, 2005
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