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when you cum from a fraggle
"I just fucking bitch ass fraggled"
"N***** please"
"But get this, even worst foo'- i had a fragism"
"U's be a dick and a half! Go's hamburger yourself!

See fraggle
by Mikebaran December 22, 2004
When you jerk off with a petroleum based lubricant in the shower and later wash your hair. The next day you have what is considered a pokémon cut; your hair has bits of the lubricant stuck in it and cannot be washed off. Your hair is shiny and waxy.
Robert: Dude, I droped it like it was hot yesterday by accident, but then I jerked off and got wang tang all over cameo's fatty.

Mike: Use lubricant?

Robert: Vaseline bitch!

Max: Eww dude I can tell you got a pokémon cut. Thats so fucking tonky. You sick fraggle -er!
by mikebaran February 03, 2005
when you get horny/a boner around an ugly girl
1. You: "N*****, that fat bitch just gave me a fragle."
Him: "You sick fuck, thats my grandma!"

2. Eww son, I just fragged when I scopedthat ugly fuckizzle.

See fragism
by Mikebaran December 22, 2004
To be in a closet about to do a gang bang and by accident, you stick your hand down the guy's pants.
"Dude, I almost went to third wit Shaniqua, i got down her pants."

"Eww.. those were my pants."
by mikebaran February 02, 2005

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