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The act of eliminating an opponent during intense multiplayer combat. This term really does not apply to single player matches.

It is assumed the player in question has exhibited an exceptional display of player skill and talent.

This term originated around the release date of DOOM, for the PC.

Important Note:
Noobs, Do Not Frag! Noobs Get Fragged!
USAGE: "I was up all night, fraggin Mr. Warren Harrity." ...or was that only a dream? *shrug*
by John Caruso January 31, 2004
An expressive term which may be used in lieu of something like "fucking" as an adjective or to provide emphasis.
Doris, I can't getting the fraggin' thing off. Get me some margerine.
by Veronika T. Bonebag May 09, 2006
Another meaning of Friggin and/or Fucking.
Something said when pissed.
Where is my Fraggin beer, ya shithead?!
Where the fraggin frag did you come from?
by Ailt March 12, 2003
to chill
Whats up? Just fraggin
by Scott December 05, 2003

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