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A prediliction for women who have large breasts but only because they are overweight (Fat - Racking).
Melissa McCarthy is the perfect definition of a woman that someone who is 'fracking' would be attracted to.
Someone who is prone to Fracking may be refered to as a 'Fracker'
Zach: I would totally do that chick over there

Adam: Are you serious!

Zach: yea man look at that RACK

Adam: Dude she is like 250lbs, you are Fracking right now!
by adamrodionov March 05, 2014
The act of ejaculation into a vagina, inducing menstruation.
I spent last night fracking my wife, unfortunately I found out this morning.
by will000m December 16, 2013
Fracking was originally defined as another term for hydraulic fracturing, a hazardous method of extracting oil and natural gas by fracturing rock beneath earth's surface and injecting chemicals into it. There is scientific evidence that this practice can cause earthquakes by lubricating faults, and contaminating clean water. Chris Christie notably vetoed a ban on this practice.

Now fracking is defined for what it is and the people who support it, stupid, ignorant, dumb, fat, and Chris Christie.

Plus, fracking closely resembles the word f*&#ing...because that's what people get when people frack.
Q: Why can't a fracking blonde dial 911?
A: She can't find the eleven.
by anonymous00000000000000 October 24, 2013
The act of "Fucking" someone you are madly in love with in the hope they fall in love with you too.
Chris Brown has been Fracking Rihanna but he got dumped anyway!
by iWittz June 02, 2013
When you are having sex with someone and you pee in them.

(dictated not read)
"Dude, I was power drilling this goldilocks, and I was Fracking all sorts of nasty, all up in that business."
by DP Petroleum October 12, 2013
The act of paying economically desperate landowners to permit the performance of sexual acts in their yards and the leaking of said acts' byproducts into the landowners' water supply.
-I hear they've started fracking over in Delaware County.
--You heard right! They tried banning it but the farmers were desperate for the extra cash.
-Wait till they see what comes out of their faucets!
by ffny May 07, 2012
Fracking is when something is SO awesome that the stars collide, God smiles, and all of the pain in the world stops for three seconds
Those unicorns were fracking awesome, so she wanted to be one.
by RLC&MLC February 28, 2010