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Yaoi (boyxboy) couple from the manga "Axis Powers Hetalia" considering the french character (Fr) and the english one (UK)
This couple name is even used by the fans in real life to describe a relationship that isn't really understood or clear.
Even though the word looks a lot like "FUCK" it doesn't mean anything like it, but the fans may use "FrUK" to replace it when swearing.
-OMG! that FrUK fanart is like, SO HOT! it always is with France anyways...

-Darn it, can't Julia stop refusing Jack's invitation? She told me she liked him though... what is it? a FrUK relationship or what?

- FrUK it! That history exam was like too complicated, man!
by Hetaliafan010 April 05, 2010
400 78
To be in pain or dissapointed. Used instead of fu*k
Fruk, I droped the hammer on my foot.
Fruk! I cant believe he is dating her.. I asked her out first!
by BeczRUs June 08, 2005
21 75
A fruking thing, part of a fruker,
what the fruk
by mad fruker June 30, 2003
15 71
Past tense. If somebody says, "look, that old guy freaked out!" it doesn't really sound like it should. But, if you say "look, that old guy fruk out!" it makes sense on how you would say it. Am i right? Or am i right?
Look, that old guy fruk out!
by marry-marie-anne July 21, 2009
8 71