A Kewl chick who chats, she is funny, outgoing, can be a bitch, but then most of us can. she loves to party and never knocks back a drink with her friends. She is a wonderful person who everyone adores.
"lets call fraulein, she'll come have a few drinks with us "
by fraulein_au November 11, 2003
Top Definition
A german word used to address unmarried women.
However, this is a pretty old word nobody uses anymore, except for grandparents.
My grandmother said:" Fräulein, the bill please."
and the waitress gave an odd look because of the old word.
by f1rehawk July 12, 2006
(n.) A german woman, particularly an angry blonde woman named Helga that has princess leia hair and a spiked helmet.
The fräulein picked me up and beat me.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 22, 2004

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