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The FouyA is everything, it is not nothing, but it can be something at any given place or time. The FouyA is directly related to the manual description of the fourth law of the second dimention of the final Galactical Parallel. This is not exempt to the modern concurrence of the socioeconomic demographic, unless otherwise noted by various striations which are dually noted in the coefficient theme of 45 degrees of separation along the Prime Meridian. FouyA is utterly and fervidly capable of verdant, sesquipedalian and irrational concepts in which pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is both consummate and acrylic. The FouyA can respirate in the presence of Australopithecine. The scientific elemental properties of the greatness of FouyA are as follows: Atomic Number: -295@1. Atomic Weight: Arciaeyuubaulle. Symbol: FA. Boiling Point: 0 degrees Celsius. Melting Point: 0 degrees Celsius. FouyA is an odorless, gaseous, colorless, lustrous, non-metallic crimson solidic liquid which can be located directly below Orion's Belt on the tip of the nose of the fifth head of Cerberus. The FouyA is not an over-the-counter drug; it must be prescribed by a doctor or physician with a master's degree in telepathy. To operate FouyA, remove the pin, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire, and squeeze the handle. The FouyA co-incides with Newton's fourth, fifth, and sixth laws of motion. The ramifications of the eternal equinox resemble Hilfiger matrices when commandeered under the laws of the FouyA, and although the FouyA is not nothing, it can be something. All things are subject to change-- except the FouyA. Accept the FouyA.
All Hail the FouyA.

"Gotsum chips n' mah FouyA. Adabadah Faschias..." -Jonan
by FouyA August 23, 2003
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FouyA is also the name of a club that you cannot join. The club members are as follows: Adonis (Nick Perez), Tibby (Micheal Mesorana), and Vlad (Will Buck). We basically hang around and do stuff. Like play video games. And make video games. And shoot dominoes with airsoft pistols.
All hail the FouyA.
by FouyA August 26, 2003
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FouyA is something quite peculiar that a couple of weird guys in Latin class make up. No, they are not weird. I contradict myself for fear of a FouyA beating.
There is no FouyA in a vacuum. I think vacuum has two "u"'s but only one "c". But I could be wrong.

Hey, Will, since when have you been referred to as Vlad? :):):)
by Kaiser October 04, 2003
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