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A fourway is when two couples share their partners with each other. A bit like a foursome but not all participating in the 'activities' at the same time.
Hey dude, did you hear about Cindy and Bob having a fourway with Betty and Ken?
by 123Anonymous12333 March 14, 2010
The hazard warning lights on a car. When this button is pressed, all the indicators (orange in Europe) flash simultaneously.
"His car broke down so he put his four ways on"
by man98763 February 05, 2006
A Cincinnati Chili concoction consisting of chili, spaghetti, cheese and the consumers choice of onions or beans. Usually ordered in the following way:
I'll have a four way bean
I'll have a four way onion
Give me a pint of four way bean.
by H. Andrew September 28, 2007
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