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used to describe a situation which falls short of expectations.

the situation should evoke feelings similar to those felt from the service experience at poshly decorated but poorly staffed four-star hotels vs. their better-staffed five-star peers, i.e. not completely horrible, but missing that extra something that earns coveted star #5.
only 2 bartenders on a saturday night in a bar that packed? how four-star!
by (^(oo)^)v February 07, 2009

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well, in the movie spanglish, adam sandler, and his movie wife, have sex over his 4 star restaurant review. and the wife had such an intense orgasm we decided to make another word for sex. u c, its a euphamnisnmin.....wtv.!
me: i soooo wanna 4star patty, but she wants to four star philip....*sigh* i am doooooOOOOOmed
by daniel bruhl January 03, 2005