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Four star phony: Often used in the military to describe an officer who has never seen any real combat. A person of superior position in a company, culture, or society that has not earned his position through real experience. A person who has not “been there done that” but claims to have. An expert at conveying false impressions about ones importance. The liar that is highest up the food chain.
Our manager Mr. Smith sure likes to bark orders, but he doesn't know the first thing about running this department.
He is such a four star phony.

That four star phony sure likes to tell some fantastic stories about the old days.
by Hello-o-o-o-o December 10, 2011
The object of mental, physical or verbal abuse. The person who bullies always single out. The smallest guy in the class. The person most vulnerable in any given group.
I am tired of your screaming diatribes. I will not be your kick-puppy anymore.
by Hello-o-o-o-o December 03, 2011
Three sheets to the wind: The condition a person arrives at after imbibing too much alcohol. When a person is very drunk on the verge of being out of control. Some where between “tipsy” and “snot-slinging” drunk. A Naval term that refers to a sailing ship traveling at the very highest limit of it’s speed.
After that Christmas party I was three sheets to the wind as I was walking home.
Those guys at the end of the bar are pretty much three sheets to the wind. It’s probably time to call them a cab.
by Hello-o-o-o-o December 16, 2011

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