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Contracting of the vaginal walls which results in the ejection of an inserted tampon, along with a fountain of blood.
Jane's boyfriend was going down on her which started her fountaining, shooting her tampon down his throat, choking, and killing him.
by Stephen Smithicus April 14, 2011
9 0
A sexual act where one partner urinates into another partner's mouth who has a gaged labret piercing. As the first partner is urinating, it simultaneously flows from the labret piercing.
Kayley cried after a good fountaining by Rich. She sobbed as the backwash burned.
by Rich and Jackie September 24, 2007
7 0
The act of getting blind drunk, passing out, and urinating in the air whilst lying down. This creates a fountain effect.
Robert was fountaining again last night after that gallon of Budweiser.
by Azazel666 May 15, 2010
3 1
Drinking from a bottle or other container without touching it with your lips
John: "Frank was fountaining my water but then he touched it with his lips. Now I can't drink from it anymore."
by fffountain May 01, 2013
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