1)person - Forrest Gump- Showed LBJ his butt, Fought in Viet Nam, started a shrimp company, just kept running
2)Pulling something off with pure ignorance and luck.
1) Forrest Gump sure does like chocolates
2)You Forrest Gumped your way through college you bastard. Dude you totally Forrest Gumped your way into her pants!
by Matt September 08, 2003
A man who, if he could he could talk as fast as he runs, would be mistaken as the next Albert Einstein.
Run Forrest! Run!
by Reba-sama January 21, 2004
1. A simple-minded person. 2. The act of evading the negative consequences of one's actions by no other means than pure luck. 3. Achieving overly-rewarding results from simplistic, unskilled, half-assed actions.
1. I tried to tell him that I didn't want to go out with him, but - he didn't get it, he was a total Forrest Gump. 2. After having Forrest Gump'ed their way through the robbery, Todd and Angie decided to go to Vegas with the money. 3. We can't pay a mechanic because my husband's been out of work for two years - so I guess we're just going to have to Forrest Gump the transmission back into the car.
by Shannon September 09, 2003
A film from the mid 90's starring Tom Hanks as a retard who seemingly takes part in every event in the 1960's.
Jimmy watched Forrest Gump 50 times last night just so he could see Tom Hanks' ass over and over again.
by Ginko Biloba September 06, 2003
an obvious mis-spelling of a type of australian tree known as the forrest gum
tree dude 1- hey look at that forrest gump
tree dude 2- you mean forrest GUM??
tree dude 1- of course
frustrated metalhead- GAAAAAARGH
by Sonic Death September 06, 2003
British sort of rhyming slang term used in place of "dump" when someone says "I gotta go take a dump."
I'll be back later mate. I've got to go take a Forrest Gump.
by Mark H June 25, 2004
too see my misspelling

see forest gump
IrishRepublicanArmy cannot spell, but he writes the best definitions.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 12, 2003

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