A guy who is perverted, crosses his legs when he sits, is gay but not gay, and has an ugly, shaggy mullet. Oh, and an AC DC fanatic. Everyone hates him yet loves him.
I choose not to have an example.
by Stealth! Mwah ha ha! March 23, 2005
Top Definition
To muck/play about with something aimlessly, just for the sake of it or out of boredom.
not much, just footerin aboot way this tape recorder (or any other object randomly found lying about)
by Morning Sun January 18, 2011
Scots word for to waste time and not get on with things. Leads to footerer, footering, footery Pronouced not like foot but with long oooooo
Stop footering around. Get on with your home work.

Och, I widnae want him working here. He's awfy footery.
by floflumpit January 31, 2010
In basketball, a player who is at least seven feet tall.
ROSS: Damn, I didn't know Dirk Nowitzki was a 90% free throw shooter. Isn't he a footer?

PABLO: Yeah, man, he's so long he can almost reach the basket from the free throw line.
by Jibjibjib February 03, 2012
a fat hooter, used to insult people who suck. originated in Herndon Middle School, by Sarah and Avery!
MR STAMES!! I CANT HANDLE THESE FOOTERS ANY LONGER! no offence to any of you...im sure your great people.
by sarahhhhhhhh! April 10, 2005
A football player. Especially a good looking one with a good bottom...!!
My favourite footer is David Beckham.
by Piplicious June 17, 2007
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