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when u stayin at home
Mike: Yo cuz, what u doin tonight?
Tony: Man I think I'm goin to be chillin in da cut, dawg!!!
by Latoya January 07, 2004
newark nj survive hear survive everywhere we hit hard
i almost got jumped by the bloodz but i ran away like speddy gonzalez and made it free
by latoya August 16, 2003
1. To tell a joke about someone
2. To get high on weed
3. A flamming fire
1. Aww cuz, I'm bout ta blaze you
2. Ay, we bout ta get blazed
3. Look at that fire blaze
by LaToya January 15, 2004
its another word for a fool, but exendid more. north london slang
shut up u foolio..cha
by latoya July 27, 2003
oh my gosh!
Wang bebe! My dog got hit by a car!
by Latoya October 01, 2003
from the negros of south america.. the bitches that are there.

also used in context when someone is being stupid... they can also be white.
Bitch please, nigga!
by Latoya February 26, 2005
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