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An adjective, primarily synonomous with the adjectives fluffy, billowy, and/or puffy. Used mainly to describe a cloud, or the mixture between lemon meringue and sodium bicarbonate.
"When you mix lemon meringue with sodium bicarbonate," started the cheerful Mrs. Fox, "You get a mixture that comes out very foofy".
by Mistel September 21, 2006
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Foofy (adj) 1. Christy; 2. Upper class or fancy; 3. Something fluffy or poofy; 4. A non homosexual reference to a person being characteristically snooty, fancy or fluffy or any combination thereof; Orig: From a combination of the English words fluffy and poofy
She wore a foofy dress to the wedding

My cat has a foofy tail
by Dootie January 08, 2004
adjective: 1) To describe something that is surprisingly impressive and stupendous either by it's size, beauty, style, presence etc. and takes your breath away and you let out an audible "FOOF" unintentionally. 2) Anything that is remarkably and unexpectedly good and or is way better than average. 3) Perfection personified, you can't get any better.
1) The acceleration in the car from 0km/h to 100km/h was "foofy". 2) I just watched a movie and it was "foofy". 3) The food I just ate at the restaurant was "foofy".
by Warwick Brett November 07, 2007
(Adj) Having mildly effeminate or un-manly characteristics, some of which are subliminal and/or difficult to describe. Not to be confused with "poofy", which implies upper-class snobbishness, or "foofed", which pertains to something being fluffed up, e.g., hair.
Panera is a foofy restaurant.
Hawaiian shirts are foofy.
Sean Hannity has a foofy hairdo, but Alan Colmes is foofy through and through.
by javel001 July 11, 2008
A versatile word. Describes sex, the act of sex, act of unleashing a load on the floor and putting your magic stick in it, a woman's reproductive organ or vagina, the feel of lemon meringue, fluffy puffy feathery fleecy or fuzzy, your skills in the bedroom, the acts of sexual inclusion from making out to full on sex, a way woman say they need to fart, the smell of a fart, too be snooty or fancy, perfection personified or something incredibly beautiful, being effeminate or having non-manly characteristics, being gay, acting gay, looking gay, a 3ft tall domesticated Gorilla that enjoys sitting on top of head.
Now my definition
A fluffy, lemon tasting, domesticated, gay, snooty gorilla who has mass amounts of varied sex in various sex positions and sticks his magic stick inside his load but noone cares because he is stunningly beautiful.
You are just so foofy dude.

You are the epitome of foofy.

Girl go get your foofy on!
by Trickershot December 30, 2010
Little fluffy objects from fleece, carpet, or other random sources that are stuck on someone's clothing. (Plural: Foofies)
Oh, you have a foofy on your shirt, let me get that off for you.

Don't lay on that carpet, your shirt will be full of foofies.

My fleece jacket has foofies on it now that it went through the washing machine.
by kerbygal August 24, 2010
A cute way for girls to say they have to fart.
excuse me, but i have to go make a foofy real quick.
by crisslover01 May 20, 2010

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